The Perfect Combination of Dual Frequency and Intelligence

GII routing, the first 5G network in the field of intelligent routing
You can freely switch the most suitable WiFi network according to the needs of the Internet, in order to achieve a better online experience.

A small figure that can be controlled at one hand.

New Industrial Design, Supreme Manufacturing Technology
This makes this perfect and compact aluminium alloy router.

Provide two strong signals at the same time

GII routing provides two high-speed WiFi signals at the same time, and carries a configuration-free signal enhancement patent algorithm for it.
Let your home network say Bye-Bye to disqualified signals and frequent dropouts!

All kinds of high-end equipment are compatible

GII Routing provides 5G High Speed Networks that are fully compatible with high-end dual-band wireless devices.
It also doubles the capacity of connecting devices, while connecting more than 60 devices does not go offline.

Make Home Networks Smart Instantly

Intelligence is the infinite expansion of the experience of simplifying complexity into simplicity
GII routing can help you to eliminate all networking behavior, but also mobile phone remote control, whenever and wherever, at any time, control the home network and equipment.